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....4 Days
Ready for Battle! 2
middletails wrote in count2graces
I heard somewhere that the game is already being sold in Japan???? D8;;;

Art by raethes

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I like the picture. :)

Yep, people on 2ch are already posting screenshots.

WHOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAA RAEEEEEEEEEEEEE Your design sense is so much better than me wrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy this is also so cleaaaaannn wryyyyyyyy *punched*

And yeah, apparently some stores in Japan couldn't wait to sell the game or something. XD;; Too bad the store near mine is still holding their copies.

What an elaborate four. I sense Sophie is getting tired of waiting!

It looks so crisp and clean! dhkjhsjghks GJGJ BRO ;O;b!!!!!!

Sophie hnnnnghhh ♥♥♥ I love the design on the "4" as well! ;_;

ZOMG I love the 4-thing. ♥

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