Thanks for participating!
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Some of you might be already playing the game, but I have the group pic here. Thanks guys for participating! Sorry it's late, had some problems with my car and the snowstorm plus massive delays getting home, so things got ugly the past two days.

Anyways....I'm going by memory here on who did which portrait. Hopefully I don't mix anyone up. :P

Asbel #1: milk_of_lime, Sophie #1: jeneko, Cheria #1: raethes,
Hubert #1: middletails, Malik #1: seta_suzume, Pascal #1: minjii, Richard #1: maiki

Asbel #2: middletails, Sophie #2: sagesoren, Cheria #2: MIA D:, Hubert #2: aureola, Malik #2: adrastea, Pascal #2: limbebe, Richard #2: fayore

Again thanks for participating and enjoy the game. I know I am. 8D

It's release day.... 8D
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And people have the game already! o_o *still waiting on own copy* :o

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Pascal Tales of Graces
Hey guys,

I didn't mean to sound pushy in my last post regarding character portraits. Would be better to contact via email. I've extended the deadline for portraits to December 10th 5pm EST. Group pic may be up late late December 10th or December 11th. By then, some of you may already have the game (if you were planning to import).

Really, I apologize. If you can't do it, just let me know!

2 days....
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omg guys, soooo close! 8DDD

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BTW, just fyi, portraits not due until tomorrow. If you haven't done yours yet, you've still got time.

Hey guys...
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I am currently putting together the group pic. I have about 8 portraits so far..

I'm missing a Pascal portrait. I know I assigned two artists to draw her portrait but haven't heard back from either of them. So if you are one of the two artists assigned, let me know if you are planning to do the portrait or not, so I can maybe get a replacement? :o

3 Days!!1111
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I'm so terribly late...My Kanji dictionary came today and I was like wooooooooot!

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....4 Days
Ready for Battle! 2
I heard somewhere that the game is already being sold in Japan???? D8;;;

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Day 5
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I'm late...again. 8D

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Day 6
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It's getting close guys..

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Day 7!!!!
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Excuse my lateness...

ONE WEEK guys! 8D

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I may need to edit the entry for a bit as the artwork is not coming out properly. limbebe I hope you don't mind me resizing your artwork!


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